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1 MURDER SERVER APP Template on Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:37 am


Requirements for applying: Must be AT LEAST 14 years old, AT LEAST TWO WEEKS on the selected server, and no prior bans without consultation with an admin before applying.
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
What murder server are you wishing to apply for:
Length of time on selected server:
Have you ever been in trouble on this server (if yes, please explain why):
Position requested:
If someone referred you, put name here:
Why do you want said position:
Why do you think you deserve it (give 3-5 sentences):
Is this your first time visiting our forums?:
1. What would you do if someone was RDMing with the gun?
2. What would you do if someone RDM’d with the doors on the FNAF map?
3. How would you handle someone mic spamming?
4. How would you handle someone spamming the chat?
5. What would you do if people spammed the “easter eggs” (ex: typing !musicbox plays the music box)?
6. What would you do if someone was camping in the security room on FNAF map?
7. What would you do if there was an AFK that the murderer could not find?
8. In the event that someone was hacking or threatening to hack, what would you do?
Positions of power
1. If someone of the same rank or higher was abusing their power, what would you do?
2. If you felt that someone was banned unfairly by a same rank or higher power, what would you do?
3. What would you do if an equal rank or higher power was breaking the rules?
4. Can you name at least two admins?
5. What would you do if someone unbanned a person that you knew broke the rules and should stay banned?
Our Servers:
1. Will you be willing to help popularize other servers?
2. Are there other game modes that you play?
3. How often do you plan on playing on the selected server you chose?
4. What is your availability?

If you are found to be lying, you will be automatically declined.
FYI, an admin telling you to go to the forums does NOT count as a referral.

**** If you are deemed to be eligible for the position you have applied for, you will be required to have a short mic interview with a head admin of the server through TeamSpeak.****

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