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Jason Brodys mod app

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1 Jason Brodys mod app on Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:36 am

What's your steam Username?

Reply:Jason Brody AKA Catbug

What's your Steam User ID?

Reply: no idea not sure how to check

How long have you been with Rave Gaming?

Reply:about 2 weeks

What server do you want to apply for?



1. What would you do if you see someone RDM'ing or see reports of it?

Reply: teleport them to me and jail them look at the logs and question them if they leave i will perma them if they cooperate but i find 3+ logs id be a kick 5+ id be a temp ban and 10+ would be a perma anything below 3 would be a warning

2. What would you do if someone is spamming the chat?

Reply: gimp them with a warning

3. What would you do if someone is spamming their mic?

Reply: this is assuming they are not DJ mute them with a warning

4. What would you do if someone is fail role playing?

Reply: Warn them if the contine its a kick plus another warn if teh continue after that its a temp ban so on and so forth

5. What would you do if someone of a higher rank is abusing?

Reply: report to diplo or frank ASAP

6. What would you do if someone is prop pushing?

Reply: strip them of weapons tp them to me freeze tehm question them yet again this is the sam sit with rdming kinda if he dosent listen ill kick him if he gets on and begins prop puhing again its a temp and if he does it again its a perm

7. What would you do if someone is hacking on the server?

Reply: perma ban

Special Situations Q&A--

1. What would you do if you were giving a punishment to someone, but it has been undone by a higher rank and you feel this was not right?

Reply: report to diplo or frank and if they feel what the higher rank did i guess its live and learn

2. What would you do if someone is continuously causing disruptions?

Reply: jail them then get back to teh sit at hand then ask them what they were doing

3. What would you do if you got into an argument with a higher ranking staff member and they began to push you around using the physics gun?

Reply:report to diplo/frank and post pictures and videos to teh fourms under teh admin abuse section

Other Q&A--

1. How old are you?

Reply: 14

2. Which staff member gave you a referral?

Reply: InWard

3. Have you had any abuse reports, on or off the forums before? (If caught lying, you're automatically declined.)

Reply: um not really knowing what this is i just looked at my warns and only found 1 taht had abuse in it

Finally, why do you want to become a moderator for Rave Gaming?

ive witnessed many rdms and as stated in my " ive bassicly been acting like a mod" i state that ive done my own version of jailing kicking and im on alot more then i should be so i feel like there wouldent be as many rdmers as i see on a normal basis also id like to thank InWard for the referal

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2 Re: Jason Brodys mod app on Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:05 pm


Forum Manager
Forum Manager
Jason, use

Further more if someone rdmed then left you shouldn't permanently ban them, maybe just a day or more depending on how much they rdmed or a hour or so ban if it was just 1 person. Also, the second question that was asked, you replied with Gimp, Gimping does not stop them from being able to type, you would want to use the mute command. Gimping just changes what the person is typing, so if someone is using very vulgar language you could gimp them then warn them, not a !warn but a verbal warning. Also, with the age, I don't know if people would respect you enough, I don't mean to be rude, but you do have a higher pitched voice which some of the older users on the server may find that you are just a kid, and make fun of you that way. In that case, it would just lead to more bans/kicks which is not what we want, I'm not saying you're being declined just a heads up.

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3 Re: Jason Brodys mod app on Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:42 pm

well like i said if they mass rdm its a perma thank you for alll the heads up

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4 Re: Jason Brodys mod app on Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:43 pm

also they are just words im not easily offended

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5 Re: Jason Brodys mod app on Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:06 am


I'm saying no because, 
1. Disrespectful to players.
2. No one can take you seriously.
3. You break the rules at time.
4. Not sure if you can handle being a moderator.
5. More than 1 warn also.

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