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false accuzations

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1 false accuzations on Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:42 pm

i was warned for adverting after lockpicking but i did not id liek this warn taken down as its not true

id also liek to add maxe rdmed me

and in my admin app i got a comment saying i broke nlr x5 and got mad wen raided witch is simply not true

i fell like id be better to unplug my mic not talk to anyone and spawn in printers underground and sit there and farm as thats all i cn do unless i A. wanna be rdmed or B. falsly accused it seems whenever i try to rp i get in trouble for these tiny bs made up rules taht are hidden in the butt of motd but really if this crap contuines or i get banned i want my money back ($15.00) for VIP one more thing id like to add

this new printer system will have flaws bassicly somoen will find a way for it to be farmed and if you guys just lessen the amount of the current printers or u just edit user to not work with printeres TADA no more printer farmsi made a farm today trying to prove a point i made 2.5 mill from playing for liek 6 hours with user a button and a pulser so just take pulser away or better yet just edit the user like i said but the main reason for this post is to get my warning taken off and 2 point some things out ty for your time i will now check my gmod to see if i was rdmed...... ugh heres the log maxemaz killed Jason Brody AKA Catbug using fas2_p226
tanks for ur time and baaaai

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