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Jailbreak MOTD

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1 Jailbreak MOTD on Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:18 am


JailBreak Rules

1. Up hold the rules and be mature about it.
2. Punishments can be warnings, CT bans, kicks, and bans.
3. If an admin tells you something do not argue with that admin.
4. To communicate with admins press U or what ever you team chat button is and say for ex. (Team Chat): @ I was just freekilled.
5. Admins word is final.
6. Ask admins if you need help.
7. Dont ask for admin.

1. It is a freeday if there is no warden when cells open.
2. It is a freeday is there  are no orders given when cells open.
3. It is a freeday if the orders are invalid.
4. It is a freeday if the warden dies but a new warden can be called and can give orders.
5. It is a freeday if cells arent open by 3:30

1. To take warden you must type !warden you can call warden by saying "I am the warden" till you can type !warden if someone types !warden when you call it then the first one to type !warden is the warden(If you are the only ct you dont need to take warden.)
2. Must give the T's a decent amount of time to respond to your orders. Around 5 seconds.
3. You can only be warden for 3 rounds the must give others a chance.
4. You can only give 1 warday and freeday every 4 rounds.
5. There is no favoritism allowed at any time.
6. When the warden died all previous orders are over T's may do what they want till the new warden takes over and gives orders.
7. Only in cell orders you may give are Knifing vent rebel and out of cell rebel.

2. Must have a mic
3. Cts cannot enter a vent without seeing a t go in.
4. No vent camping.
5.  No random arresting!
6. There is no LAST CT.
7. CT's must be with the warden at all times unless chasing a rebel.
8. If a CT wonders off and isn't looking for rebels than they may be slain.
9. CT's must do what the warden tells them to do.(unless it is something you have no chance in living)
10. No gun-planting T's. This is when you give them a gun to kill you or any CT's
11. You may give a T a gun if it is empty and the warden says it is ok. These are Toy Guns.
12. You must be able to see the T to tell them to drop a gun.
13. CT's may not bait. Baiting is coming in a knifing distance of a T. The T may not move to knife you if told to freeze if they do you may kill them.
14. CT's can tell T's to drop Guns/Nades.
15. Must have a clear mic (Good Quality).
16. 13 and older on mic.(not squeaky voice)
17. Must leave armory by 4:30 round time.
18. No armory camping at anytime.
19. Must give an AFK check on a T Frozen in their cell(not on the side hidden by the door. They should be in/near center of their cell where they spawn).
20. The ratio is 1 CT for every 2 T's.

Orders and Games
1. AFK/Freeze means no jumping or usage of (W) (A) (S) (D). Crouching and knifing are allowed. You may free-look unless told to Freeze and face a certain direction.
2. There has to be at least 3 T's to play First reaction, Last reaction.
3. NO unfair games like fish in a barrel (with out all T's consent).
4. Trivia has to be simple questions nothing like "What is my Dads birthday"
5.There must be 3 ct's to play trivia.
6. Any opinionated games all T's can Op out. (warden has to do a vote with the CT's to see if The T up lives or dies).
7. Simon says is when the warden says "We are now playing Simon Says, Simon Says we are playing Simon Says, Simon Says I am Simon" to end the warden must say "we are no longer playing Simon Says, Simon Says we are no longer playing Simon Says, Simon Says I am no longer Simon".
8. Shift walking is holding shift and following the wardens orders ex. Shift walk and follow me.
9. Crouching is holding crouch and following the wardens orders ex. Crouch and follow me.
10. Crouch walking is in Invalid order.
11. Saying take 1 step out of your cell face the back of your cell and take a step back in is a valid out of cell order.
12. If the cells open before the warden gives any out of cell orders it is a freeday.
13. NO restricting T's from mic/chat communications of any type.

1. Do not ask for multiple repeats.
2. After 4:00 the warden no longer has to repeat.
3. You are a rebel if- you hurt a CT or point your gun at a CT. Excluding your toy gun.
4. You are a rebel if- you do not follow to wardens orders.
5. You are a rebel if- you delay/detour from any given orders by the warden
6. You are a rebel if- you kill a CT. Unless you are baited.
7. No steps of any kind like Ninja steps without the wardens say so.
8. Do not teamkill unless it is apart of the game ex. Soccer.
9. Cannot Rebel on lr unless you pick rebel under the !lr menu. There has to be 3 CT's to pick rebel on !lr doesn't show up if there isnt.
10. You have to give T's 3-5 seconds to drop guns.
11. Talking over the warden is a REBEL.

1. T's may not leave there cells before a given time by the warden ex. "you may not leave your cells till 4:30 if you do we can kill you".
2. CT's can kill a T if the CT is in the warday area
3. There is no !lr on wardays unless you pick rebel under the !lr menu.
4. CT's can shoot from the warday area if the CTs can see you.(ct cant open the doors to see you out of warday area)
5. CT's may only leave the warday area when the warday expands. Expansion time is when the warden says so. You have only 30 seconds to leave warday area (ex. Expands at 2:30 round time must be out of area by 2:00 round time).

1. You must stay crouched at all times unless typing in which you must stay frozen when standing.
2. You may only right-click a CT. You will not die if you do for right-clicking its a freekill and the person will be slain as soon as possible.
3. You may climb ladders.
4. You can only jump to get to CT's.
5. You may not carry any GUNS.
6. When you kill someone drop there guns as soon as you pick them up.
7. When you pick up a gun you have to drop it in 3-5 seconds or you will die.

(Warden can change any of these at any time but only for that round)
1. You must be shift-walking at all times.
2. You may not jump at any point.
3. You may only left click. If you die for left clicking it is a freekill and the person will be slain as soon as possible.
3. You may not climb ladders unless going after a CT.
4. CT's cannot get in spots you may not go.
5. CT's cant go on ledges where the T's has to jump.
6. Pushing your shift key down and letting go repeatedly in-order to go faster is not allowed. You will be killed by a CT if seen doing so.
7. If you kill a CT drop there guns as fast as possible.
8. If you do not drop guns you pick up in 3-5 seconds of having it you can be killed.

First-day-freeday/No orders freedays
(Warden can change any of these at any time but only for that round)
1. CT's cannot give any restrictions of any type.
2. T's can go anywhere.
3. T's cannot have guns out/un-holstered if so they are a rebel.
4. CT's can tell a T to drop a gun but must be able to see them when you say it.
5. NO BAITING of any kind on First-day-freeday or no order freedays.
6. If the cells are not open by 4:00 round time it is a freeday.

1. 1 T is granted !lr when they are the last ones left.
2. T's may not !lr until they finish last order given by warden ex. a game that may kill you.
3. Only rebel if you pick rebel under the !lr menu.
4. No cheating unless the t says so.
5. No delaying if you lose stand still and DIE like a MAN/WOMEN.
6. Warden may give you 30+ seconds to !lr after that they may kill you. He CAN NOT make you freeze.
7. NO changing your lr after you pick race.
8. No interference from either team.
9. Bhoping is Cheating.
10. If you chose race you must show to CT the start and end point.
11. If a t is a rebel and they have an active lr before they get killed they are no longer a rebel.

Other Things:

1. Need an admin for a problem in the server
Goto the Rave Gaming Teamspeak server. The ip is Or make a post on the forums with the demo of an offender in the complaints section. You can also add flash gordan on steam. (manager of the server) and he will come on or he will get one of his admins to fix the problem

2. Donate Info (Goto
Admin- 10$
Admin comes with VIP status but not the custom tag or colors

VIP+CustomTags/chat colors- 7$
VIP- 5$

Custom Tags/Colors- 3$

Monthly Special Deal
Special Package Perm comes with custom tags and colors +Vip +admin(all servers)- 75$

When you Donate for either of the things above PM me or I <3 Krewella with the transaction code (ex. 131AD31S1) and what you donated for and
you will have your Admin/VIP statuses with in 24 hours. All donations are for 1 month unless stated other wise in deal (1month=30days). To Donate click on the donation button on the forum home page.

*Donation Contract*

All donations are final if you abuse your admin in any way shape or form and we get complaints or see you do it. We feel that you do not deserve it any more we may suspend it or remove it at anytime. If we do suspend your admin you may get it back where you last had it (ex only had it for 10 days payed for 1 month you will get it for 20 more days still) By donating you agree to all terms said in this contract.
Fix by Flash Gordan

1. No Freekilling
2. No Baiting. (Being the length of one lying body away from a Terrorist as a Counter-Terrorist.
3. No gunplanting.
4. You cannot kill a terrorist who has !lr unless they are obviously rebelling.
5. If cells are not opened by 5:00, it is automatically a Freeday.
6. You may not restrict areas from the Terrorists during a Freeday.
7. A Terrorist may be killed on sight for a Primary, holstered or unholstered, and for an unholstered secondary. However, if the secondary IS holstered, a Counter-Terrorist must warn them to drop it before they kill them.
8. There is no such thing as a Cellspam Freeday
9. No disrespect to the server, it's players, or any of the admins.
10. An admin has the final say in any situation. Do not argue with them under any means. If you feel they have done a poor job, take it to the forums.
11. Counter-Terrorists must be out of the Armory by 5:10. Once they leave, they may not return unless a rebelling terrorist is known to be in the armory.
12. Like secondaries, a Counter-Terrorist must warn a Terrorist to drop any nades they must have before they can shoot them.
13. You may give intentionally confusing orders to a certain degree.
14. A repeat of orders must be given to the Terrorists up to 5:10. this means if they ask AFTER 5:10, a Counter-Terrorist may decline that repeat.
14. No favoritism is allowed.
15. To be the Warden, you must have a mic. But, you can be a Counter-Terrorist and not have a mic, although it is helpful for the job.
16. If cells are opened before orders are given, it is automatically a freeday.
17. If a Terrorist is seen out of his/her cel before orders are given, they are considered a rebel and may be killed on sight.
18. Only the warden may give orders.
19. If a Warden has a game they wish to play and a Terrorist asks them to explain the game, the Warden must give a general layout of the rules before continuing.
20. Mic spam is not allowed. If a Terrorist is obviously Spamming voice chat, the Warden may kill them.

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